67. A Sleeper Wakes

The Salzman Defection: Espionage.

Original air date: 5 November 1967
This episode rerun 19 May 1968

Plenty of nastiness in this episode, one that would do Mission: Impossible proud. It seems an Eastern Bloc general plans to defect, and he shows up at the U.S. Embassy in Vienna. Problem is, his wife, who made it to the States, has been kidnapped.

Add to that, Walter Ronald (played by Frank Marth) murdered State Department employee Frank Darren Murray, and Messrs. Erskine and Colby become involved. They need to track down the kidnappers and find the general’s wife.


Performer Role
Dana Wynter Sylvia Prince
Viveca Lindfors Madame Salzman
Eduard Franz Gen. Erik Salzman
John van Dreelen Stanley Brown
Patricia Smith Eleanor Brown
John Kerr S.A.C. Gary Morgan
Frank Marth Walter Ronald
Pat Cardi Jack Brown
Ross Elliott Neal Greenwood
Mary Jackson Mrs. Corman
Tom Palmer John Kramer
Francis de Sales Frank Darren Murray
John Mayo FBI Technician
Jacqueline Mayo Secretary
Directed by: Robert Douglas
Written by: William Bruckner



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