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68. Overload

Charles Nyack: Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution—Murder.

Original air date: 12 November 1967
Rerun 26 May 1968

A boxer who has just been released from prison is plotting to kill a woman whose testimony led to his incarceration. A citywide blackout allows the boxer to slip past the FBI stakeout on his way to the intended victim’s home, while FBI agents are trapped in traffic.

Watch for a yelpy Siamese cat, as well as a smart-looking Ford Thunderbird!


Performer Role
Scott Marlowe Charles Nyack
Martha Scott Kate Lambert
Diana Hyland Virginia Lamberth
Harry Bellaver George Trenton
S.A. Dale Grant John Considine
Peter Hobbs S.A.C. Scott Manning
Harlan Wade Dr. John Partridge
Aubri Martin Woman Dispatcher
Byron Keith Holberg
Jan Peters Guard
Amy Fields Jean
Ed Barth Bossio
Directed by: Jesse Hibbs
Written by: Robert I. Holt



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