70. Blueprint for Betrayal

Karl Reiman, Colonel Frederic Maas, Major Paul Bohler: Espionage-Murder.

Original air date: 3 December 1967
This episode rerun 18 August 1968

A woman is killed for threatening to stop her husband's mission of romancing a government secretary to get confidential information. He carries out the mission, but a Communist agent, certain that the Feds are on his trail, sends another agent to get the tape before he's captured.


Performer Role
Alf Kjellin Karl Reiman
Donald Davis Frederic Maas
Martin Kosleck Paul Bohler
Antoinette Bower Julie Kipp
Maria Palmer Anna Zolti
Glenn Bradley Special Agent #1
Marlowe Jensen Special Agent #2
Norbert Meisel Bartender
Pitt Herbert Lefferts
Walter Friedel Otto
John Zaremba Hackett
Directed by: William Hale
Written by: Sam Ross



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