A "phony blonde"

Vernon Daniels (Parley Baer) confuses this phony blonde …

A "real blonde," played by Carol Lynley.

… with this real blonde, played by the lovely Carol Lynley. The phony drives a 1963 Ford, while Ms. Lynley drives a ’62.

71. Blueprint for Betrayal

Sally Eston, Jack Allis, Lawrence Strum: Bank Robbery.

Original air date: 10 December 1967
This episode rerun 15 September 1968

Pete Duel’s role here is a repeat of his 1965 appearance on the series. Once again, he plays a bad guy. And he drives another crummy-looking blue car: A 1961 blue Ford sedan, whose paint job is oxidized by the sun. In 1965, he drove a 1960 model!

And like the fourth episode, Inspector Lewis Erskine frets over the situation of a young lady. Carol Lynley (Lynn Hallert) is not Barbara Erskine, but rather a young lady whose life has turned upside down because of mistaken identity. She has a 1962 Ford Galaxie; the getaway car is a 1963.

This is a turbulent episode, in which Ms. Lynley’s character is assaulted by her employer. Her boyfriend, who rescues her, is one of the actual bank robbers. The two drive from Florida to Los Angeles, where he hooks up with Lloyd Smith (Victor French). There, another job is planned, this time in Long Beach.


Performer Role
Paul Lukather Jack Allis
Parley Baer Vernon Daniels
Victor French Lloyd Smith
Pete Duel Michael James
Carol Lynley Lynn Hallert
Kelly Thordsen Dick Owens
Forrest Compton S.A. Henry Andover
Dean Harens S.A.C. Bryan Durant
Jay Lanin S.R.A. Page Blanchard
Directed by: Jesse Hibbs
Written by: E. Arthur Kean



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