Malachi Throne's False Face character from the 1966 Batman series has competition! And they look like the Blues Brothers! Episodes of the Caped Crusader were airing even as late as this month. From left, Ed Asner and Martin Sheen.

73. The Dynasty

GQ in 1968? More like the the Grapes of Wrath, Erskine/Colby style.

Walter Gretzler, Norman Gretzler: Kidnapping

Original air date: 7 January 1968
Rerun 2 June 1968

A millionaire refuses to pay the ransom for his kidnapped brother, forcing the F.B.I. to move fast in order to save the victim's life. Good episode. Ed Asner and Martin Sheen play an uncle/nephew pair who kidnap a Chicago businessman, after they determine that he took the same route, which crossed the Indiana/Illinois state line.

We also see that the kidnap victim's older brother reunites with his father after a nine-year separation. Complicating matters are two thieves who strip the Shelby Cobra the kidnap victim is driving. Those two shoot at the Feds, and are taken down after S.A.C. Tom Colby fires tear gas at them.

Inspector Erskine and Special Agent Colby finally go undercover as auto supply drivers, with a really retro 1930s look. They drive a Ford pickup truck (naturally).



Performer Role
Edward Asner Walter Gretzler
Martin Sheen Norman Gretzler
Russell Johnson Phillip Graham
Jim McMullan John Graham
Ian Wolfe Marshall Graham
Addison Powell Darryl Sloan
Carl Reindel Bobby Hendricks
John Kerr Special Agent (Chicago)
Directed by: Robert Douglas
Written by: Charles Larson
Story by: David Vowell



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