74. The Daughter

Major Anka (Michael Rennie) offs one of his operatives, after the operative gives him his two-week notice.

Major Jan Anka Alias Albert Robinson: Espionage

Original air date: 14 January 1968
Rerun 14 July 1968

A long-lost daughter helps the F.B.I. unmask a Communist spy who has taken the identity of a dead American.

The Avengers connection

Beginning with this episode, The FBI had a real connection with a British television show that debuted on ABC during the same season: The Avengers. Robert Day, who had directed some episodes in 1967, was brought in to direct. This was the first of several he would oversee. He married Dorothy Provine in 1969, and they remain married even today. They are the parents of one child.


Performer Role
Michael Rennie Albert Robinson/Major Jan Anka
Julie Sommars Janet Sinclair
Harold Gould Martin Eldon
Phyllis Hill Edith Eldon
Charles Bateman Officer Cookham
Dallas Mitchell S.A. Barton
Craig Huebing Joseph Barnes
John Rayner Kenneth Sager
Celia Lovsky Mama van Groot
Wayne Heffley Tobin
Scott Graham S.A.
Richard Mosier Boy
Directed by: Robert Day
Written by: Paul Schneider

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