75. Act of Violence

Burt Reynolds on The FBI, 21 January 1968.

Original air date: 21 January 1968
Rerun 7 July 1968

John Duquesne: Crime On A Government Reservation-Murder.

Two murders, 10 years apart, are linked by Inspector Erskine, giving him clues to solving both.

Here, The FBI meets CSI. We see the skeleton of the murder victim; the skull has a hole in it, where the victim was apparently shot. This was perhaps the most graphic scene of a murder in the series' history. Even then, the skeleton is otherwise pristine looking. Remember, this was 1968, and J. Edgar Hoover was running the bureau.

Burt Reynolds makes his second of two appearances on the series in this episode. In early 1968, he was still not the megastar he would become in the 1970s. He had been on Gunsmoke from 1962 to 1965, and Hawk in 1966. Burt Reynolds would later star in another QM series, Dan August (1970-1971).


Performer Role
Burt Reynolds John Miller DuQuesne
Michael Strong Paul Gray
Frank Aletter Jim Kellog
Diana Muldaur Irene Davis
Johnny Seven Ralph Morris
Jimmy Lydon Joey Witner
Hank Brandt S.A.C. William Converse
Paul Comi S.R.A. Craig Hole
Hal Baylor Sgt. Glynnis
Roy Engel David Wrightmann
Claudia Bryar Clerk
Michael Harris S.A. #2
Geoffrey Deuel Pvt. Kendall
Paul Bradford S.A. #1
Michael Barbera John Davis
Lee Faulkner Sgt. Forbes
Directed by: Gene Nelson
Teleplay by: Richard Sale and Mark Rodgers
Story by: Richard Sale



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