Inspector Erskine aids Michael.

Inspector Lew Erskine aids Michael, who has just been worked over by thugs.

Tom Colby goes undercover.

Tom Colby plays Speed Racer here. He goes undercover as a car racer.

77. Ring of Steel

John Clanton, Ben Heath et al: Interstate Transportation of Stolen Motor Vehicles-Murder.

Original air date: 4 February 1968
Repeated 21 July 1968

The unexplained death of a race car driver (sniper shot) places Inspector Lewis Erskine and S.A.C. Tom Colby on the trail of a stolen car ring. This leads them to the racing circuit around Los Angeles, where Mr. Colby poses as a car racer, and the inspector as a racing owner.

Sports car racing was popular in 1968 the same way NASCAR is in 2005. By this time, The FBI was just beginning to really hit its stride as a TV series.


Performer Role
Tom Bosley John Clanton
Brooke Bundy Kim Irwin
Michael Callan William Eric Dean
Michael Tolan Ben Heath
Ross Hagen Jacob Walling
Dean Harens S.A.C. Bryan Durant
Stanley Clements Tobin
Thom Carney Pit Steward
Barbara Dodd Hotel Clerk
Directed by: Jesse Hibbs
Written by: Robert I. Holt
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