78. The Homecoming

Dr. John Lloyd Streyer: Fugitive - Espionage.

Original air date: 11 February 1968
Repeated 16 June 1968

A scientist who defected from an Iron Curtain country returns to New York in secret and Assistant Director Arthur Ward personally handles the case. The assistant director had handled the case 15 years prior.

This story becomes a tale of a disillusioned scientist who wants to just get home. His wife and son had drowned the previous summer, and the scientist is trying to reacquaint himself with loved ones.


Performer Role
Richard Kiley John Lloyd Streyer
David Opotoshu Martin Bergstrom
Bettye Ackerman Annette Jurgens
Victoria Shaw Eileen Warren
John Kerr S.A.C. Gary Morgan
John Lasell Murray Dalton
Michael Shillo Josef Cort
Stuart Margolin Al Bush
Ross Elliott Greene
Vince Howard S.A.
Peter Jason Link
Pamela Dunlop Julie
Directed by: Jesse Hibbs
Written by: Mel Goldberg



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