79. The Phone Call

Curtis Stone: Extortionist.

Original air date: 18 February 1968
Repeated 23 June 1968

The husband, an Army sergeant, had just returned from service in Vietnam. He found his wife had died under mysterious circumstances the night before his return. She accidentally falls to her death after receiving an extortionist’s call.

This episode may be the earliest show that deals with Vietnam veterans who are unhinged.


Performer Role
Roy Poole Curtis Stone
John Ericson Sgt. Paul Devlin
Belle Stone Belle Stone
Richard O'Brien Smokey
Laraine Stephens Margaret Campbell
John Kerr S.A.C. Gary Morgan
William Sargent Dr. Millard
Paul Picerni Joey Walters
Lynn Borden Jean Devlin
Jill Andre Miss Trask
Pat Patterson Drunk
Directed by: George McGowan
Teleplay by: Gerald Sanford
Story by: Pat Riddle



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