82. The Messenger

Paul Donald Thorpe (Robert Walker Jr.) is held at gunpoint.

Jack Dane, Leo Adamson, Joseph Schaffler: Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property - Murder

Original air date: 17 March 1968
This episode rerun 1 September 1968 .

The Feds chase a group of men who attack a bank messenger and guard, and kill the guard. The twist? The messenger had stolen a car while a minor, and spent time in a reformatory. Also, his uncle is connected with organized crime. So it looks like he is connected with the stickup.

Or is he?

Robert Walker Jr. turns in a good performance as the messenger who has to contend with both the FBI and an old friend who was part of the robbers. He also has to decide whether to work for his crooked uncle, or continue on the straight and narrow. The outcome, of course, is obvious. Good story, though!



Performer Role
Robert Walker Jr. (as Robert Walker) Paul Donald Thorpe
Anthony Eisley S.A.C. Chet Randolph
Robert Doyle Leo Adamson
Dana Elcar Howard Bergdahl
Andy Romano Chico Jordan
Bill Zuckert Frank Poland
Ross Hagen Joseph Schaffler
Charles Randall William Needles
Ed Prentiss Mitchell Owen
Patricia Hardy Charlene
Robert Yuro Jack
Barry Williams Boy
Directed by: Lewis Allen
Written by: Jack Hawn


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