83. The Ninth Man

Emery Dennis Hale et al: Top Ten Fugitive - Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property - Major Theft

Original air date: 24 March 1968
This episode rerun 28 July 1968.

The F.B.I. hunts down a $2,000,000 treasure and the armored car robbers who buried their ill-gotten loot.


Performer Role
Milton Selzer Jordan James Alexander
Anne Helm Dorothy Phillips/Anita Hale
Murray Hamilton Emory Hale
Burr deBenning Fred Peters
Dabbs Greer Patrick Owens
Robert Knapp Special Agent Lawrence Douglas
Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. Anselmo Morales
Wayne Rogers George Peters
Valentin de Vargas Special Agent Lane Alamota
John Ward Oren McKay
Directed by: Jesse Hibbs
Written by: Mark Rodgers


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