100. The Hero

Original air date: 22 December 1968
This episode rerun 20 July 1969

Inspector Lew Erskine goes after a criminal impersonating a Vietnam War veteran. The crime is "Unlawful Wearing of the Uniform" and, by the way, murder. A con man wears a U.S. Air Force uniform to entice women to marry him. He then murders or otherwise cheats them.


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Chad Everett Daniel Sayres
Lorri Scott Ann Burman
Virginia Christine Eugenia Sayres
Paul Smith Muir
Reta Shaw The Customer
Lew Brown S.A.C. Allen Bennett
Tom Palmer Sogano
Vince Howard The Lab Technician
Fletcher Fist The Golfer
Kathleen Widdoes Margaret Caine
Carmen Mathews Julia Caine
Directed by: Gunnar Hellstrom
Written by: Charles Larson
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