101. The Widow

Joyce Carr: Parole Violator, Murder.

Original air date: 29 December 1968
This episode rerun ------

Inspector Lewis Erskine traps a go-go dancer who conspires to marry military service men and collects their insurance money when her boyfriend murders them.

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Lynda Day George Joyce Carr (as Lynda Day)
Glenn Corbett Cliff Holm
Robert Knapp SAC Noel McDonald
Arch Johnson Sgt. Elliot Carr
Paul Lukather Lee Holm
Patrick Wayne Fred Bruno
Malachy McCourt Dave Davison (as Malachi McCourt)
Peter Hobbs SRA Anthony Harper
Margaret Field Celeste Abrams
Geoffrey Deuel Sgt. John Abrams
Ron Husmann Officer
Fletcher Allen Special Agent
Directed by: Don Medford
Written by: Mark Rodgers
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