102. Eye Of The Storm

Edward and Nora Tobin: Kidnapping.

Original air date: 5 Janaury 1969
This episode rerun ------------

Inspector Erskine and Agent Colby search for a kidnapped African-American baby who is hiding in a plague-infested ghetto. This story was apparently not well regarded from a critical standpoint at all. A low point in an otherwise good season.

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Billy Dee Williams Edward Tobin
Denise Nicholas Nora Tobin
Ketty Lester Mavis Sheppard
S. John Launer Dr. Ober
Olan Soule The Druggist
Byron Morrow Dr. Miller
Sid McCoy Charlie Cline
Margarite Cordova Mrs. Gomez
Ron Pinkard Special Agent Morgan
Don Dubbins Al Willis, the gas station owner
Moses Gunn John Sheppard
Directed by: Jesse Hibbs
Written by: Don Brinkley
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