103. The Fraud

David Joseph Miles, Frank Stocker: Interstate transportation of Stolen Property, Extortion.

Original air date: 12 Janaury 1969
Rerun 8 June 1969

Inspector Lew Erskine goes after an art fraud racket. Hal Holbrook plays artist Christopher Simes, a man who gets mixed in with the underworld. The fake paintings are not of a high quality, the cars are not of a high quality and, according to the critics, neither is the plot.

We tend to disagree, because it is fun to watch Hal Holbrook in his one and only appearance on the series. He does get to romance Nan Martin, and we also get to see Noah Keen as well!





Roger Perry David Joseph Miles
William Smithers Frank Stocker
Hal Holbrook Christopher Simes
Wesley Addy Jock Mitchell
Ellen Weston Ruth Miles
Noah Keen Nicholas Allen
Anthony Hayes S.A.C. Warren Sloan
Roy Engel Paulie Hoff
Walter Matthews The Lawyer
John Mayo Todd Elkton
Nan Martin Susan Bell
Directed by: Robert Day
Written by: Michael Fisher
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