106. The Patriot

Richard William Shaefer, alias Marvin Smith: Kidnapping.

Original air date: 2 February 1969
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A Piper Navajo (N9005Y) is the aircraft that the kidnapper uses to try to fly the newspaper publisher out of the U.S. back to his home country. A certain death awaits the newspaper man unless the good inspector intervenes.





James Callahan Richard William Shaefer
Gilbert Roland Rafael Cruz
Carlos Romero Capt. Ortiz
Ned Romero Jose Orledo
Ross Elliott Ben McIntyre
Ellen Davalos Feliciana
Rusty Thacker Junior
Fred Holliday Cambria
Ron Stokes The Policeman
Jim Raymond Special Agent
Garrison True The Helicopter Observer
Marianna Hill Antonia Marin
Thomas Gomez The President
Directed by: Robert Day
Written by: Mark Rodgers
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