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108. The Attorney

Original air date: 16 February 1969
This episode was not rerun

Arnold Grant Toby: Interstate Transportation in Aid of Racketeering, Attempted Murder.

Erskine and Colby lead an FBI raid that seizes illegal gambling equipment being shipped by Arnold Toby, a New York organized crime boss. But that's just the start of the complicated case. Toby's attorney, Richard Bender, gets Toby freed on bail. The arrest is covered in newspapers. Dennis Holland reads of the arrest. His son was arrested and executed years earlier; Bender had declined to represent the son and Holland has held a grudge ever since.

Holland manipulates one of his employees, Pete Zacharias, into typing up a death threat and to handle a handgun. Holland plans to kill Bender and make Zacharias the scapegoat. Holland chose Zacharias because his daughter, Carol, is the girlfriend of gangster Toby. On top of all this, Toby imports two out-of-town hit men to kill Zacharias after Carol tells him she's afraid her father threatened Bender, the attorney. In the midst of the case, Erskine gets shot and laid up in the hospital. That leaves Colby to attempt to prevent the murder of Zacharias.






Linden Chiles Arnold Grant Toby
Edward Asner Peter Zacharias
Dawn Wells Carol Morton
Arthur Hill Richard Bender
Louise Latham Edith Bender
Tim O’Connor Dennis Holland
Walter Janowitz The Head Waiter
Phil Chambers Dr. Cruz
Giles Douglas The Bus Boy
Directed by: Robert Douglas
Written by: Albert Aley
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