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110. Conspiracy of Silence

Leonard King, et al: Interstate Transportation in Aid of Racketeering, Murder.

Original air date: 2 March 1969
This episode was not rerun

Huge cast in this episodes. Includes Forties star Gene Tierney, as well as such veteran performers as Kevin McCarthy.

We promise to get you pictures soon.





Ken Lynch Leonard B. King
Gene Tierney Fay Simpson
Kevin McCarthy Jim Evans
Don Chastain Norman C. Reese
Dean Harens S.A.C. Bryan Durant
Charles Robinson Troy Harris
John Lasell Roland
Mary Jackson Mrs. Dreiser
Jason Wingreen The Morgue Attendant
Bonnie Jones Laverne
Jonathan Hawke Russell Clay
James Daly Dave Butler
Kent Smith Wendell Price
Directed by: Jesse Hibbs
Written by: Mark Weingart
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