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111. The Young Warriors

William Rockhill: Crime on a Government Reservation, Arson, Murder.

Original air date: 9 March 1969
Rerun 10 August 1969

This episode captures tensions on a Native American reservation that result from the murder of a tribal leader. The episode also reflects the growing tensions within the Native American community in the late 1960s, which was itself an offshoot of the civil rights struggles.

One sad aspect of the series is that most of the lead aboriginal roles go to non-Indians: Scott Marlowe, Anthony Caruso and BarBara Luna. The performers themselves are superb, and portray the tribal members in a realistic manner. But even as late as 1969, Hollywood seemed less than willing to give Native Americans a chance to perform in front of the camera. That said, the plot is a good one.

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Scott Marlowe William Rockhill
BarBara Luna (as Barbara Luna) Jennie Fisher
Anthony Caruso Chief Philip Crow
Dana Elcar Howard Swift
John Considine S.R.A. Ed Putnam
Don Keeper Dr. Bissell
Lawrence Montaigne George Fisher
Lin McCarthy John Aldridge
Directed by: Robert Douglas
Written by: Albert Aley
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