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88. Wind It Up And It Betrays You

Louis Jourdan and Nancy Kovack.

Carl Schmidt, Colonel Lorenz Tabor et al.: Espionage - Murder.

Original air date: 22 September 1968

A dead man's hearing aid containing microfilm has The FBI uncovering an espionage ring.

Finally, after three years, The FBI as a series had finally found its way as a series. And it shows in the 1968-69 season premiere, which contains a really good story line. Not only is there good acting, the plot line and story direction is also excellent.


Ava Ritter and William Reynolds.

Ava Ritter shows up at the morgue. Little does she know the morgue worker is none other than S.A.C. Tom Colby!




Gregory Gay Carl Schmidt
Louis Jourdan Col. Lorenz Tabor
Nancy Kovack Ava Ritter
Lawrence Dane Julian Young
Lyn Edgington Priscilla
James Sikking S.R.A. Dan Menifee
Forrest Compton Bernard Stoddard
George Neise George Cavell
Dennis Cross 1st Policeman
Larry Watson 2nd Policeman
Jacqueline Mayo Receptionist
Michael Tolan Paul Virdon
Kaz Garas Jack Hill
Directed by: William Hale
Written by: Charles Larson and Mark Rodgers
Story by: Harold Jack Bloom
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