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91. The Runaways

John Graham Evans: Parole Violator - Murder.

Original air date: 13 October 1968
Rerun 6 April 1969

A killer picks for his robbery victims, a happy family of four living on a farm.

This episode plays almost exactly like the 1967 movie In Cold Blood. But there are differences. J.D. Cannon plays the Richard Hickock role, a man who kills another ex-con. That ex-con has told him about a family of four who has a great deal of money in their house.He then encounters runaway Jess Orkin (14-year-old Ron Howard), the Perry Smith character. Only difference is, Orkin thinks he might have killed someone, but isn’t sure.

Evans manipulates the boy, who then breaks into a farmhouse and steals food and medical supplies while Evans tries to recover from a gunshot wound. Erskine and Colby are on the trail of the runaways. They hope to get to Jess before Evans commits his next crime -- which almost certainly will result in fatalities if he succeeds.

SPOILER: The Feds DO succeed in averting catastrophe. However, neither Inspector Erskine nor Mr. Colby are actually present when Evans is captured.





J.D. Cannon John Graham Evans
Ron Howard Jess Orkin
Bill Williams David Warren
Dabbs Greer Orkin
Charles Bateman Dan Scott
Selette Cole Mrs. Schirmer
Joe Di Reda Post
Morgan Jones Alex Schirmer
Jan Shepard Mildred Scott
Directed by: Robert Day
Written by: Arthur Heinemann
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