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93. The Enemies

Ralph Gordon Stuart: Espionage, Murder.

Original air date: 3 November 1968
Rerun 27 April 1969

The FBI follows a trail of blood in the hunt for a deadly Communist spy who's out to steel a top-secret rocket fuel.

No interesting cars but some great chase sequences. The good inspector and Colby chase a motorcycle thru Los Angeles. Amazing that the inspector knows all the streets and the short cuts through any city that he travels in. Colby has a big fight scene with the bad guy and wins after Colby takes a few tough blows. Another well-done episode!

Al Freeman Jr. plays Stuart’s Vietnam war buddy, a self-employed TV repairman. Mr. Freeman’s role is interesting, in that we really see—for perhaps the first time in the series—an African-American shown in a nonstereotypical role. He and his wife (Cicely Tyson) are in the process of adopting a son, and he drives a humble—but NEW—Ford wagon (natch!). This episode aired the same season as Julia, the Diahann Carroll sitcom. This alone made “The Enemies” a notable episode: Despite the arch-conservative guidelines of the show, we do see some liberal touches at work here.


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Jeffrey Hunter Ralph Gordon Stuart
Cicely Tyson Judy Harmon
Al Freeman Jr. Allen Harmon
Richard Anderson Dr. Earl Latimer
Richard O’Brien Jim O’Brien
Dean Harens S.A.C. Bryan Durant
Curt Lowens Col. Fischer
Allen Emerson Hill
Jonathan Hawke The Businessman
Directed by: Don Medford
Written by: Peter Allan Fields
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