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94. The Nightmare

Harold Dale Converse: Fugitive, Bank Embezzlement.

Original air date: 10 November 1968
Rerun 29 June 1969

FBI Inspector Lewis Erskine hunts down a bank embezzler and also tries to protect him from criminals helping in his escape.


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William Windom Harold Dale Converse
Lee Meriwether Marian Converse
Bruce Dern Virgil Roy Phipps
Frank Marth Preston Archer
Russell Thorson Wentworth
Ellen Corby Aunt Florie Buell
Jim Nolan The Sheriff
Harry Klekas Cal Grimes
Patricia Smith Isobel Nugent
Janette Lane Bradbury Meta Jo Phipps
Directed by: Jesse Hibbs
Written by: Penrod Smith
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