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95. Breakthrough

Vincent Preston Gray: Interstate Transportation in Aid of Racketeering, Extortion.

Original air date: 17 November 1968
Rerun 13 July 1969

Vinnie Gray gets the "Kiss of Death" from a Mafia kingpin. Mr. Gray survives and puts the bad guys away with help from the good inspector. This was an unusual episode, in that it had very comic moments. Watch for the confrontation at the end between Gray and Inspector Lewis Erskine! Also, watch for the car chase.


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Peter Mark Richman (as Mark Richman) Vincent Preston Gray
Edward Andrews Vic Russell
Dorothy Provine Irene Minnick
Grant Williams S.A.C. Kirby Greene
Bill Zuckert Joe Darwin
John Ryan Ernie Flood
Jeff Davis Bobby Pollack
Joe Perry Stan Jason
Rose Hobart The Maid
Directed by: Robert Day
Written by: Frank Crow
Story: James Byrnes
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