115. Nightmare Road

Gerald Wilson, Lawrence “Jack” Collins, Carolyn Paul: Killing a Federal Officer, Unlawful Flight, Murder.

Original air date: 21 September 1969



Performer Role
Robert Duvall Gerald Wilson
Burr deBenning Lawrence “Jack” Collins
Davey Davison Carolyn Paul
Ellen Weston Barbara Mercer
Anthony Hayes Special Agent Douglas Mercer
Roy Engel Eldon Hunter
Warren Parker Dr. Haller
Ray Kellogg The Policeman
Ron Doyle S.R.A. Harmon
Phil Dean S.A.C. Jansen
Midge Ware The Teller
Ron Brown Surveillance Agent
Fred Holliday S.A.C. Clark
Directed by: Harvey Hart
Written by: Mark Rodgers
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