118. Silent Partner

Victor Berris, Carl Torrance, Steven Harber: Jury Tampering.

Original air date: 12 October 1969

Inspector Lew Erskine duels with a hitman who bribed a juror in the trial of a mob kingpin. Gripping episode, and at least two jury members die during this episode.


Performer Role
Robert Yuro Victor Berris
Wesley Addy Carl Torrance
Robert Hooks Steven Harber
Cicely Tyson Elaine Harber
Jerome Thor Attorney Simms
Walter Burke Benny Logan
June Dayton Betty Grayson
Virginia Vincent Mrs. Wyatt
Dallas Mitchell S.A.C. Cullinan
Logan Field The Attorney
Nelson Olmsted The Doctor
Frank Biro Philip Grayson
Tyler McVey The Judge
Directed by: William Hale
Written by: Jack Turley
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