120. Flight

Walter Everett Hazlett: Crime Aboard Aircraft, Piracy, Attempted Murder.

Original air date: 26 October 1969

Inspector Lewis Erskine urges the hijacker of a Cuban-bound plane to land immediately to save the life of a wounded passenger. Hijackings to Cuba seemed to be a popular thing in the late 1960s.




Performer Role
Tim O’Connor Walter Everett Hazlett
Dabney Coleman Pilot Sam Langlin
Larry Linville George Tremont
Skip Ward Nick Sorenson
Lynne Marta Debbie Marsh
Ken Lynch Peter Dannis
Jonathan Lippe Matty Buckner
Don Eitner S.A.C. Harley Jones
Irene Tedrow Sarah Gibbs
Doreen Lang Alice Carlin
Jenny Sullivan Amelia Stark
Michael Harris Special Agent Vega
Peter Hale The Radio Operator
Michael Whitney Eddie Floyd
Charlotte Stewart Ginny Hazlett
Brenda Benet Agnes Rizzo
Directed by: Gene Nelson
Written by: John D.F. Black and Robert Heverly
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