123. The Sanctuary

Nate Phelps, John Carl Winslow: Bank Robbery, Murder.

Original air date: 16 November 1969
This episode rerun 13 June 1971

An African-American football star hides in his ex-girlfriend's ghetto apartment after robbing a bank and flees when FBI agents arrive. With local hoods afraid to help him, a racketeer agrees to help, but tries to extort more money than agreed, and the fugitive kills him and flees wounded himself as FBI agents chase him to a shootout at the Los Angeles Coliseum.


Performer Role
Billy Dee Williams Nate Phelps
Troy Melton John Carl Winslow
Lola Falana Lenore Brooks
D’Urville Martin Paul Laraby
Steve Perry Wiley Brooks
Charles Lampkin The Broker
Adam Wade Ellis Deevers
Royce Wallace The Landlady
David Brandon 3rd Special Agent
Hal Riddle 2nd Special Agent
Jon White Larry O.
Ron Stokes Special Agent Stevens
Jim Raymond The Deputy
Dani Nolan The Woman Hostage
Booker Bradshaw Special Agent Harry Dane
Directed by: Jesse Hibbs
Written by: Anthony Spinner
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