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124. Scapegoat

Harley Earl Garnett: Crime on a Government Reservation — Murder.

Original air date: 23 November 1969

The FBI investigates the murder of a socialite. Committed on Government land, the crime is a near duplicate of an earlier … murder. Harrison Ford guest stars.


Performer Role
Michael Burns Harley Earl Garnett
Harrison Ford Everett Giles
Brenda Vaccaro Jerri Coates
Nan Martin Eleanor Garnett
Arthur Franz Carl Stokely
Noah Keen S.R.A. Arnold Kaplan
Brooke Mills Karen Blakely
Bob Okazaki Gardener
Lincoln Demyan Capt. Thomasa
Lew Elias Lester Watson
Harlan Warde The Warden
Joe Stefano The Guard
Directed by: Don Medford
Written by: Robert Heverly and Edward J. Lasko
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