125. The Inside Man

Harold H. Casey, Frank V. Sawyer: Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property, Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution, Murder.

Original air date: 30 November 1969

Inpector Erskine and Agent Colby uncovers the “Inside Man” in a series of jewelery heists from New York City’s Diamond District. Watch for some cool dialogue between Inspector Erskine (Efrem Zimbalist Jr.) and Keenyn Gray (Lloyd Bochner) about Gray’s drinking!



Performer Role
Clyde Ventura Harold H. Casey
Lawrence Dane Frank W. Sawyer
Lloyd Bochner Keenyn Gray
Oscar Beregi Jr. Martin Abrilev
Dean Harens S.A.C. Bryan Durant
William Bramley Howard Spain
Aron Kincaid Vic Hunter
Maxine Stuart Mrs. Stone
Judee Morton Shanna Hurley
Dennis McCarthy Leonard Fletcher
Elizabeth Lane Inspector Erskine’s Secretary
Bard Stevens The Serviceman
Lizabeth Field The Woman Passenger
Steven Michelis Michael Gray
Janis Hansen Andrea Gray
Directed by: Gene Nelson
Written by: Mark Weingart and Norman Hudis
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