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130. Fatal Impostor

Victor Kiley, Rick Davis: Unlawful Flight, Murder.

Original air date: 4 January 1970
Rerun 7 June 1970

The first episode of The FBI for the 1970s has, appropriately, David Cassidy as a featured guest. When the episode was made, he was likely in the middle of making the pilot episode of The Partridge Family.

He and his mother, played by Mary Fickett, are carjacked by a pair of murderers. The episode shows its age, as this was filmed in late 1969, before carjacking was made a Federal crime. The episode is set in North Dakota.

One is struck by how youthful David Cassidy was, and by how relatively short he was. His current height is 5'8½" (174 cm). He and the rest of the cast turn in a good performance.

Car note

The 1957 Ford Ranchero (yellow/white) is shown in the gas station scene. The hood is opened all the way. On this particular model Ford, the hood is hinged at the front rather than at the firewall (windshield), so the hood looks sort of funny.

The hostage vehicle is a 1965 Ford Fairlane four-door sedan.

The Cast
Performer Role
Gerald S. O’Loughlin Victor Kiley
Allen Emerson Rick Davis
David Cassidy Larry Williams
Mary Fickett Anne Williams
John Lasell Jerry Stevens
John Considine S.R.A. John Dennison (North Dakota)
Larry Ward The State Trooper Sergeant
Joel Lawrence The Deputy
Stephen Coit Mr. Joseph
Nick Ford The Attendant
Jan Burrell Marge
Paul Todd Special Agent Stanley
Norma Crane Lorraine
Directed by: Jesse Hibbs
Written by: Anthony Spinner
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