131. Conspiracy of Corruption

Peter Freeman Griffith: Victim, Civil Rights Violation.

Original air date: 11 January 1970

No interesting cars but the case revolves around the unauthorized use of a sheriff's car. The bad guys use the sheriff's car in a crime to implicate the sheriff.


Performer Role
Bill Hickman Peter Freeman Griffith
J.D. Cannon Cliff Wyant
Armando Silvestre Carlos Lara
Noam Pitlik Deputy Joyner
Hank Brandt Special Agent John Potter
William Sargent Deputy D.A. Reese
James McCallion Kyle Harris
Natividad Vacio Morelos
Vitina Marcus Linda
James Olson Sheriff William Temple
Katherine Justice Laurel Wyant
Directed by: Don Medford
Written by: Mark Rodgers
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