135. Summer Terror

Alex Drake, Beau Thomas Manley: Extortion, Kidnapping.

Original air date: 8 February 1970

No interesting cars, and the good inspector flies on a helicopter only as a means of transportation. He does not catch the bad guys using the helo.


Performer Role
Joe Don Baker Alex Drake
Mark Jenkins Beau Thomas Manley
Peggy McCay Helen Lowe
Eldon Quick Jerry Hagner
Pamela Curran Wanda
Ron Husmann S.A.C. Blanchard
Hal Riddle S.R.A. Blue Lake
Bill Hickman Jake
Fred Holliday 2nd Agent
Craig Guenther 1st Agent
John Yates 2nd Police Officer
Lin McCarthy Philip Lowe
Pamela McMyler Marianne Lowe
Beverlee McKinsey Kathy Whelan
Directed by: Michael O’Herlihy
Written by: Gerald Sanford and Mark Weingart
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