136. Return to Power

Peter Joseph Tenny, Frank DiMirjian: Organized Crime, Assault of a Federal Officer.

Original air date: 15 February 1970

Inspector Lewis Erskine capitalizes on a blood feud to lead him to secret Mafia financial records. The story begins at the US-Canadian border, and ends in a nonviolent manner.


Performer Role
Christopher George Peter Joseph Tenny
Richard Devon Frank DiMirjian
Lynda Day George (as Lynda Day) Maria
Peter Mark Richman Vincent Manion
Anthony Caruso Larry Bender
John Carter Inspector Bonner
Ernest Sarracino Andy Fall
Jerome Guardino 1st Gunman
Lanita Kent Cocktail Waitress
Logan Field S.A.C. Milton Sumner
John Mayo Bureau Supervisor
Directed by: Don Medford
Written by: Mark Rodgers
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