137. The Dealer

Bernard Simms, Frank Brokaw, Norman Whitehead, David Osborne, et al: Theft From Interstate Shipments, Attempted Murder.

Original air date: 22 February 1970

Inspector Lew Erskine goes undercover by driving big rigs to obtain evidence against an Interstate Hijacking Ring. Colby also goes undercover as a shipping clerk to uncover the smuggling ring. He is injured in the line of duty when an ex-con reveals that Colby was not a convict!



Performer Role
Edward Binns Bernard Simms
Vincent Beck Frank Brokaw
Paul Mantee Norman Whitehead
Hal Lynch David Osborne
Nina Foch Terry Simms
Ron Pinkard Surveillance Agent
Roy Jenson Lobb McCoy
Susannah Darrow Barbara Simms
Paul Bryar Ernie Maxwell
Phil Chambers Tony Bracken
David Brandon 1st Supervisor
Frank Baxter S.A.C. Franklin Benton
Kirk Scott Special Agent Mabry
Directed by: Jesse Hibbs
Written by: Don Brinkley and Robert Heverly
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