138. Deadfall

Erin Moran as the little girl.

Ronald Brimlow, Frank Morris Moonan, Shelly Brimlow, Arthur Cody: Kidnapping, Bank Robbery, Ten Most Wanted Fugitive.

Original air date: 1 March 1970

This episode starts off with a kidnapping that a little girl witnesses in a manner similar to the 1954 Alfred Hitchcock film Rear Window. Initially, she is not believed, because the facts don’t add up.

But they soon do.

And The FBI are up against some dangerous criminals holding a hostage.

This episode is set in New Jersey, and actually manages to look like it, too. Once again, we have a strong cast, lead by Wayne Rogers and Anne Francis. Erin Moran makes a pre-Happy Days appearance as the little girl who witnesses the kidnapping.


Performer Role
Wayne Rogers Ronald Brimlow
Robert Drivas Frank Morris Moonan
Anne Francis Shelly Brimlow
Rick Adams Arthur Cody
Paul Picerni Fred Cochella
Zohra Lampert Mary Cochella
Grace Gaynor Mrs. Florella
Buck Young S.A.C. Bennett Adams
Peg Shirley Madeleine Cerelli
Erin Moran Vicki Florea
Paul Tod Surveillance Agent
Frieda Rentie The Radio Operator
Directed by: Don Medford
Written by: Robert Heverly


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