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139. The Quest

Inspector Erskine and SAC Tom Colby, 1969.

Walter Graham Carr: Crime on a Government Reservation.

Original air date: 8 March 1970

The FBI finished its fifth season with a powerful punch when The Quest aired on 8 March 1970. Earl Holliman gave a powerful performance as Walter Graham Carr, the escapee from the Seneca Hospital. Add to this crisp direction from none other than Philip Abbott, and you have a memorable episode.

Walter Graham Carr is a mental patient who escapes because he is looking for his missing wife. His father hd placed an ad in the newspaper, and Carr is looking for the person to get the information. In the process, he ties up a laundry servicer, and hijacks a car (driven by a salesman, played by Parley Baer). Carr then drives it to the New York City area, where he hopes to get in touch with the man who responded to the ad.

The episode is a real psychological thriller, and benefits from a great supporting cast. Anthony Eisley returns as SAC Chet Randolph, and Russell Johnson makes his final series appearance as Carr’s doctor.



Performer Role
Earl Holliman Walter Graham Carr
Russell Johnson Dr. McGregor
Morgan Sterne Blair Evans
Loretta Leversee Sarah Evans
Parley Baer Newman, The Salesman
Anthony Eisley S.A.C. Chet Randolph
Frank Maxwell Wendell Bricker
Claire Brennan The Girl
Ellan Nance Nurse Thornton
Jim Dixon The Serviceman
Michael Standwood The Intern
Dorothy Dells The Dispatcher
Michele Tobin Mindy Evans
Trudy Stolz Sue Evans
Larry Gates Austin Carr
Richard O'Brien Hauser
Directed by: Philip Abbott
Written by: Mark Weingart


This year, Efrem Zimbalist Jr. drove a 1970 Ford Thunderbird four-door sedan in the end credits. This is our personal favorite car of all those driven in the series.

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