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Holding its own

Series retains popularity as times remain turbulent

The FBI remained popular in the 1969-70 season. This was a time when the Washington Moratorium was held, protesting the Vietnam War. Even when an episode fared poorly ("Eye of the Storm,” 5 January 1969), the overall quality of the series was greatly improved. It was as if one could tell this was the case, just from seeing the hairstyles the Feds were wearing (especially Inspector Lew Erskine and SAC Tom Colby).

Among the interesting episodes from this season was “The Attorney,” which aired on 16 February 1969. Dawn Welles, who played Mary Anne on Gilligan’s Island, guest starred. Her glamorous appearance contrasted with her role in the CBS series she had starred in. Ed Asner (The Mary Tyler Moore Show) played her father in this episode.

This year, Efrem Zimbalist Jr. drove a 1970 Ford Thunderbird four-door sedan in the end credits. This is our personal favourite car of all those driven in the series.

Streaming video

We now offer streaming video of the episode “Scapegoat.” This episode features Harrison Ford in an early role.


As of 29 June 2007, pages for all of the episodes are up and running.

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