141. The Traitor

G-Men in action.

Donald Willis, Alex Keeler, Bryan Carlson, Neil Stryker, et. al.: Espionage.

Original air date: 27 September 1970

Inspector Erskine and company have to travel to Boston to deal with espionage agents. Bryan Carlson (played by familiar face Wayne Rogers) tries to shake down Neil Stryker (Bradford Dillman), who has fallen on hard financial times. The case is broken open and eventually solved due to a clue: A discarded cellophane cigar wrapper.

Though filmed in Los Angeles, the show does convey the feel of New England. Good filming, and a good episode.


Performer Role
David Hurst Alex Keeler
Wayne Rogers Bryan Carlson
Bradford Dillman Neil Stryker
Antoinette Bower Elaine Stryker
Eric Christmas Tanker
William Sargent Ken Whitlock
Forrest Compton S.A.C. Anthony Harper
James Lydon Mr. Church
Ed Gilbert Stan Mills
William Wintersole Herb Kohler
Richmond Shepard Donald Willis
Michael Sevareid Bill Evans
John Mayo F.B.I. Lab Examiner
George Robertson O’Rourke
Ron Brown F.B.I. Cryptanalyst Jim Baker
Michael Chase Rick
Directed by: William Hale
Written by: Gerald Sanford
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