142. Escape to Terror

Harry Guardino holds James Olson at gunpoint.


George C. Breen: Fugitive, Fraud Against the Government, Conspiracy, Bond Default.

Original air date: 4 October 1970

Accountant George C. Breen and wife jump bail to Portland in a 1957 Ford Panel Truck, light blue in color. Problem is, Breen’s wife is pregnant, and in danger of losting the child. They end up staying in Portland, when she runs into complications.

Inspector Erskine. of course, manages to nab Breen, but not without trouble from one of his relatives, who works for the Mob.




Performer Role
James Olson George C. Breen
Linda Marsh Peggy Breen
Marge Redmond Doris Eubanks
Harry Guardino Al Eubanks
Charles Dierkop Nick Irish
Ion Berger Oberly
Ken Lynch Michael Frost
Mary Jackson Nurse
Paul Bryar Jack Diamond
Weston Gavin Charlie
Carlos Rivas S.R.A. Joe Rodriguez (Oregon)
Alex Gerry Willis Gaynor
Mark Allen Dock Worker
Harlan Wade Doctor
Nancy Jeris 1st Reporter
Robert Duggan 2nd Reporter
Betty Ann Rees Clerk
Marlowe Jensen S.R.A. Blackwell
Directed by: William Hale
Written by: Don Brinkley
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