143. The Architect


Arthur McBride, James J. Borden, Howard Lawson Deal: Unlawful Flight To Avoid Confinement — Fugitives.

Original air date: 11 October 1970

Three bad guys break out of a prison bus and then travel to Miami to knock over a armored car fresh from a horse-race track pickup.


Performer Role
Monte Markham Arthur McBride
Billy Dee Williams James J. Borden
Dabbs Greer Howard Lawson Deal
Ford Rainey John Prysock
Phyllis Hill Joan Merriman
Janee Michelle Mary Borden
Ted Gehring Atley Spancer
Stanley Clements Forrest Clegg
Sandy DeBruin Myrna Eddy
Donna Ramsey Sporting Goods Clerk
Robert Patten F.B.I. Supervisor Al McClure
Fred Holliday Mark Kress
Jim Raymond S.A.C. Kirby Greene
Ron Doyle Owen Clark
Garrison True Portland Special Agent
Larry Wynn Ronnie
Arthur Franz  
Directed by: Virgil Vogel
Written by: Robert Heverly
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