144. The Savage Wilderness


Walker Oborn: Crime on a Government Reservation.

Original air date: 18 October 1970.

Inspector Lewis Erskine and the FBI tracks down the kidnapper of a young girl in the wilderness area of the Sierra Mountains.

Ms. Carr is billed as Darlene Carr as was occasionally the case in her early career. She guest-starred in the recurring role of Jenny Stone, TV daughter to Karl Malden´s Inspector Mike Stone, in The Streets Of San Francisco (1972-76), a later Quinn Martin series.



Performer Role
Don Stroud Walker Oborn
Ellen Corby Mrs. Anderson
Len Wayland R.A. Cameron
Marjorie Eaton Mrs. Elbert
John Oldham Vincent Judson
William Patterson Dr. Sharpe
Craig Kelly Hank
Fred MacMillan Virgil Rilling
Darleen Carr Emily Willis
David Macklin John Evanhauer
Directed by: Virgil Vogel
Written by: Robert Malcolm Young



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