145. Time Bomb


Eric Stone, Gilbert Manning, Karen Wandermere, Knox Hiller, Alan Hiller: Destruction of Government Property.

Original air date: 25 October 1970

An episode dealing in sabotage. Inspector Lew Erskine prevents an attempt by young revolutionaries to force social change through violence.

Interesting episode, but a bit quaint. The threat of a bomb in a federal building has been reduced GREATLY because of security measures implemented since the attacks of 11 September 2001. The episode seems a little quaint. However, 1970 remained a time of unrest because of the Vietnam War. This episode is definitely a nail biter, especially at the end.

However, Geoffrey Deuel's performance really stands out. Born in Rochester, NY, Mr. Deuel is the younger brother of the late Pete Duel, who was in the midst of beginning his role as Hannibal Heyes in Alias Smith and Jones. Geoffrey Deuel’s performance shows that he is as capable a performer as his older brother. And both were/are excellent performers!





Performer Role
Geoffrey Deuel Eric Stone
Tom Falk Gilbert Manning
Diana Ewing Karen Wandermere
Wayne Maunder Knox Hiller
Mark Jenkins Alan Hiller
Josephine Hutchinson Anna Wandermere
Dean Harens S.A.C. Bryan Durant
Yvonne White Miss Chatfield
Ed Prentiss Judge
Bard Stevens Guard
Phil Garris Attorney
John Perak Tony
John Kroger 1st Agent
Directed by: Virgil Vogel
Written by: Robert Malcolm Young
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