146. The Innocents

Frank Raphael Colling, Elizabeth Dulcie Colling: Kidnapping, Extortion.

Original air date: 1 November 1970

Inspector Erskine and the FBI captures a husband-and-wife kidnapping team who have abducted a 7-year-old boy in the Washington, DC area. In a season that produced several good episodes, this one really stands out for its writing by Pat Riddle and Gene Nelson’s direction. There is plenty of unpredictable moments, and some really tense scenes.

The acting is also good, especially from Lois Nettleton, who plays a wife unhinged by the death of her own son. Larry Blyden is also superb as her alcoholic, ne’er-do-well husband. His bar hopping results in the FBI breaking the case wide open.

On the whole, one of the very best episodes ever produced in the series.





Performer Role
Larry Blyden Frank Raphael Colling
Lois Nettleton Elizabeth Dulcie Colling
Lee Bergere James Bowden
Russell Thorson Derelict
Brian Dewey Timmy Bowden
James Nolan Bartender
Maidie Norman Audrie
Dani Nolan Jeanie
Buck Young S.A.C. Howard Schaal (Baltimore)
John Graham Dr. Zachary
Ed Hall Pharmacist
Robert Ritchie Resident Doctor
Ted Foulkes Chuck
Bob LeMond TV Announcer
Robert Knapp 1st Special Agent
Ed Deemer 2nd Special Agent
Geoffrey Gage 1st Hoodlum
Joey Sinda 2nd Hoodlum
Joan Hotchkiss Dr. Anne Bowden
Patti Cohoon Child Janet
Directed by: Gene Nelson
Written by: Pat Riddle
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