147. The Deadly Pact

Ivan Dixon, at right, and Hari Rhodes.

Daniel Ginger Dodds, Ernest Geiger, James Steen, et al: Organized Crime, Extortionate Credits Transactions, Attempted Murder.

Original air date: 8 November 1970.

Two stars from two CBS shows—Ivan Dixon of Hogan’s Heroes and Hari Rhodes of Daktari—take center stage in this episode. Here, Mr. Rhodes plays a loan shark recruited by the Mob to shake down African-American businessmen. And this time, he goes to an old friend, a successful factory operator and enterpreneur.

Though this episode might not have been one of J. Edgar Hoover’s favorites, “The Deadly Pact” reflects the increasing emphasis on gritty reality and on an increased African-American presence on TV. Black FBI agents in 1970 were scarce, but the series seems to lead the way, in that an African-American agent, Harry Dane (played by the fabulous Booker Bradshaw), goes undercover to assist Inspector Lewis Erskine and SAC Tom Colby.



Performer Role
Hari Rhodes Daniel Ginger Dodds
Ivan Dixon Terry Maynard
Robert Loggia Alex Poland
Booker Bradshaw S.A.C. Harry Dane
Gloria Calomee Cissie Maynard
Dean Harens S.A.C. Bryan Durant
David Moses Rich Phillips
Albert Popwell Henry Jackson
Scott Graham Felix Darrin
Frank Jamus Surveillance Agent
Frank Baxter 3rd Agent
Wadsworth Taylor Government Official
Arlyce Baker Older Maynard Girl
Edward Crawford Toby Phillips
James McEachin Lester Cotts
Jeff Burton 2nd Agent
Directed by: Virgil Vogel
Written by: Robert Heverly



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