Efrem Zimbalist Jr., William Reynolds and Phyllis Kirk in 1970.

Inspector Erskine and SAC Colby get a piece of mind from one of Wesley Ziegler's victims, Nora Tobin. Phyllis Kirk plays Nora Tobin here. This was her final acting role.

148. The Impersonator

Stuart Whitman and Mariette Hartley.

Wesley W. Ziegler: Impersonation, Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property.

Original air date: 22 November 1970.

Inspector Lew Erskine is on the hunt for a conman who preys on lonely women. This con man is also wanted for murder in the Commonwealth of Virginia. One cool car is Ms. Hartley's Ford Thunderbird four-door sedan (always a cool car).

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Performer Role
Stuart Whitman Wesley W. Ziegler
Mariette Hartley Jessica Bowling
Marj Dusay Harriet Ziegler
Phyllis Kirk Nora Tobin
Kent Smith Commodore Coldwell
James Luisi Sam Kehoe
Charles Macaulay Jeweller
Peter Church Bartender
Martin Braddock Fred
Ben Young Atkins
Richard Merrifield S.R.A. Jaco
Matt Pelton Waiter
Directed by: ???
Written by: ???



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