151. The Witness

Don Grady tries to make a break, and fails.

John McElroy, Yvonne Demarest: Crime on a Government Reservation.

Original air date: 13 December 1970

Inspector Erskine has to inspect a crime that a young man has committed on a reservation. Problem is, this leads to him trying to save the young man’s life from the underworld.

FBI Carousel Bulletin: Not exactly a rotation notice-Hank Brandt reappears as S.A.C. William "Bill" Converse. As the show went on, the character shuffling between actors gradually diminished, but never stopped entirely.


Performer Role
Don Grady John McElroy
Flora Plumb Yvonne Demarest
John Vivyan George Petrarkis
June Dayton Margaret McElroy
Hank Brandt S.A.C. William Converse
Robert Phillips Jack
Barbara Baldwin Nurse Shannon
Lisa James Lynne
Steve Marlo Vance
Edward Colmans High Commissioner
Larry Ward Cmdr. Frank Wilson
Logan Field Lt. Cmdr. Chamblis
Murray Hamilton Douglas McElroy
Roger Perry Jerry Leigh
Directed by: William Hale
Written by: Mark Rodgers
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