152. Incident in the Desert

Clint Howard on the ham radio in 1970.

John H. Elgin, Frank V. Taylor, Harold D. Boggs, Collier M. Sampson: Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property - Major Theft .

Original air date: 20 December 1970

Inspector Erskine catches up with four jewel thieves in a deserted ghost town. This episode is another well-produced show that features superb acting, especially from Dabney Coleman and Clint Howard. And it is Clint Howard’s character who saves the townspeople, when he broadcasts on ham radio.

Clint Howard is the younger brother of actor/director Ron Howard, who appeared on the show two years before. Clint had starred in the 1967-69 CBS series Gentle Ben with Dennis Weaver. Mr. Weaver was just beginning his run in the title role of the New York City-based Western McCloud in 1970.




Performer Role
Steve Ihnat John H. Elgin
Charles Robinson Frank V. Taylor
Ross Hagen Harold D. Boggs
Richard Evans Collier M. Sampson
Dabney Coleman Ty Williams
Clint Howard Josh Cobb
Paul Fix Matt
Paul Carr Jerry Tolan
Herb Armstrong Mr. Miller
Shirley O’Hara Mrs. Miller
Neil Russell Henry Cobb
Regis Cordic Mr. Austin
Ed Bakey Scully
Jack Garner Deputy
David Brandon S.A.C. Lawrence Douglas
Paul Todd Special Agent Carter
Dallas Mitchell S.A.C. Taft
Maurice Meyer F.B.I. Artist
Craig Guenther F.B.I. Agent
Corinne Camacho Andrea Phillips
Directed by: Bernard McEveety
Written by: Mark Weingart
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