Trouble is about to ensue!

Trouble is about to ensue!

154. The Unknown Victim

Fabian (Forte) in 1971.

Thorn Hazard, Bryan Hazard, Sheila Waters: Extortion, Kidnapping.

Original air date: 3 January 1971.

Inspector Lewis Erskine rescues a young girl who was kidnapped through mistaken identity. Interesting plot twist in that the kidnappers grab the wrong girl. The intended target had rich parents, but the actual victim had no money at all.

Another good episode from a top-notch season. One memorable aspect of the show is the conflict between the Singers and Olivers. Singer pere is unwilling for a long time to assist the less-affluent Olivers, because of his “principles.” Makes one wonder if this was a prelude to the Reaganomic era that would begin 10 years later.

Not to worry, though. The two families unite, and Inspector Erskine gets his bad guys, of course!!




Performer Role
Fabian (as Fabian Forte) Bryan Hazard
Tom Skerritt Thorn Hazard
Lynne Marta Sheila Waters
Anthony Eisley S.A.C. Chet Randolph
John Lasell Owen Singer
Susannah Darrow Laura Singer
Norma Conolly Mrs. Oliver
Sherry Boucher Karen Oliver
Carole Shelyne Fern
Eloise Hardt Edith Singer
Mel Novak Policeman
Woodrow Parfrey Harry Oliver
Directed by: William Hale
Written by: Mark Weingart



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